Hami has an official representative And the cooperation of many prominent European manufacturers in Mining is the steel and petrochemical industry.

Taking advantage of the international relations and valuable experiences of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial and mining equipment and its offices outside Iran, this group is in several vendor lists of the largest reputable companies in this field.

In this regard, the specialized departments of this complex have provided the honor of engineering consulting in supplying the required equipment to a wide range of public and private customers. Quality in providing sales and after-sales services, maximum satisfaction and fast and accurate response to customers It is always in the priority of this company.

introduce company

Hami International Engineering Company, consisting of experienced and specialized managers with more than several years of activity in the field of supply of industrial equipment, mining, petrochemicals, instrumentation and mechanics, provides a wide range of services in steel, oil and gas and power plant projects.

Due to the restrictions imposed on all devices, goods and equipment of domestic factories and lack of access to first-hand markets in Europe and Asia, with the aim of meeting the needs of the country and eliminating intermediaries in the field of foreign trade in Iran, Germany and Armenia. Prioritizes service to business partners and customers with the best possible quality.