The petrochemical industry is the part of the chemical industry that produces chemical products from raw materials derived from oil or natural gas. Before oil entered the modern concept of human life, the required chemicals were obtained by changing and transforming the plant and animal industries. But in the early twentieth century, crude oil and natural gas, as the raw material for many of the compounds needed by humans, became increasingly vital. Hami Engineering International Company has provided infrastructures to help supply and send the parts and equipment required by petrochemical plants from prominent European and American brands at the lowest prices and in the shortest time without intermediaries. Some of these companies have briefly provided Introduced here:


With unparalleled product range, project management, connected services and service networks, Emerson is a global manufacturer that supplies and services all valves everywhere.

The company’s portfolio consists of reputable brands such as Anderson Greenwood ™️ ، Bettis ™️ ، Crosby ™️ ، Clarkson ™️ ، Fisher ™️ ، KTM ™️ ، Keystone ™️ ، Vanessa ™️ و Yarway ، With decades of proven field support, it enables customers to achieve excellent fourth-party performance.


With more than a century of knowledge and experience, Armstrong helps manage the needs of steam and condensate better than anyone in the world. Armstrong provides reliable, hard-working products that trap steam and more. It can help you drain liquids from gases and drain gases from liquids over a wide range of liquids.

Provides pressure and temperature control products, condensate pumps, filters, isolating valves and refrigeration system filters to keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently. Armstrong also includes packaged system solutions, from pressure relief stations to steam distribution and condensate manifolds and condensate recycling systems.